About Us

Rodney and Denise Steidinger were married in Illinois in 2000. Having both been raised on farms, each knew the meaning of hard work and the challenges of growing strong crops. In 2006, Rodney and Denise thought they would head west to sunny Arizona. Rodney decided to work what he knew best; growing plants. He worked in the landscaping trade for another company and Denise took care of the bookkeeping and marketing.

In early 2008, the economy suddenly declined and the owner of the company where Rodney worked suddenly left the state, leaving Rodney without a job and a young family to raise. They prayed for wisdom on what to do next and decided to start their own business. Rodney and Denise had a hard time coming up with a name. One of Rodney's good friends, Jacob, with Rock-N-Earth Landscaping made the suggestion to name it TKHaley after their family-owned business. T is for Trinity, K for Kiley and the little Haley stole the show with the rest.

When TKHaley Yard Care was founded in 2009, the inspiration for our business name came from our three daughters. After five years of being involved in this community, we saw a major need to help less-fortunate kids. In March 2013, we, Rodney and Denise, became licensed foster parents. In April of 2013, a little three year old girl named Ella came into our home. The goal of the State was for her to be reunited with her biological father. Throughout the process his parental rights were severed. The State asked us if we would be interested in keeping her. We prayed about adopting her and thought, "what would be desire if we were in Ella's situation?" In August of 2014 Ella officially became part of our forever family. Many times over the past year Ella has asked if we could change the name of the business to TK Ella. We tried to figure out a way to include Ella in our name but had a hard time. After much thought, we decided not to name it after the kids as we had before. We have no idea what the future holds and if someone else like Ella came into our life it would be hard not to help them.

Our goal is to brand our new company name in a way that won't be easily forgotten. TKHaley Yard Care became ZebraScapes LLC on January 1st, 2015. Our continued goal is to stand apart from other companies through our quality and integrity. One very happy family. One very happy business.

Our Employees

  Rudy Acosta: Crew leader of Talking Rock
Year of Landscaping Experience: 9
Hobbies include hiking, fishing and being outdoors

Kenny Foster
Years of Landscaping Experience: 6
Hobbies: BMX, hiking and Paracord crafts

  Nicolas Langarica
Years of Landscaping Experience: 1
Hobbies: I enjoy hanging out with family.
  Walt Perius
Years of Landscaping Experience: 20+
Hobbies: I enjoy weight lifting and tennis

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